Football Museum Curator

11/22/2010: Ron Bellamy of the RG offers a milquetoast recap of a story reported by Bill Graves and Rachel Bachman in the Oregonian back in June: Phil Knight is building more athletic facilities for UO. As in the past, these tax-deductible gifts will cost taxpayers a bundle. They also require UO to pay for all sorts of silly things – like a “football museum curator” as a condition of the gift. I wonder if the academic side is going to pay that too, like we do the $2 million a year Jock Box operations? You won’t find mention of the curator in the RG story, of course. Bellamy does say that the project will cost 84 parking spaces however – something Lariviere had said earlier would not happen. Read Bachman for details on how Phil Knight’s consigliere Howard Slusher made Lariviere an offer he couldn’t refuse. Or listen to the recording here, obtained by a brave UO Matters operative, wearing a wire. We will take care of your family, Luca. The good stuff starts about 39:30 and goes on for about 10 minutes.

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