Lariviere: "Athletic department must maintain standards of behavior"

7/17/2011: “This is simply unacceptable”. From a post on his Presidential blog. Oh wait, he’s talking about the athletes:

Athletes must maintain standards of behavior 

The University of Oregon has clear expectations of how its student athletes are to behave both on and off the field of play. Lately, several of our athletes have fallen far short of these standards. This is simply unacceptable.

The University of Oregon does not tolerate inappropriate conduct from any of its students. I know Athletics Director Mike Bellotti and Head Coach Chip Kelly share my concern about recent events involving UO players and are working hard to address these incidents. I have every confidence that they will restore the UO athletic program’s long and proud tradition of sportsmanship and integrity. Our loyal fans and alumni expect no less and neither do I.

Sorry, never mind. My bad. This post was from February 20th, 2010. Something to do with this string of incidents and court cases. But no one at UO is going to talk about the athletic department while it’s under investigation by the NCAA. Because that might prejudice the results of their investigation. Understand?

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