Mullens speaks

7/22/1011: Or at least he emailed the UO Foundation board, and other boosters. Ron Bellamy has the story:

“The firm has been charged with making an independent assessment of the football program’s use of outside recruiting services,” Mullens wrote. “In addition, they have been asked to provide the University with recommendations for areas of improvement within the football program and athletics department in order to meet best practices.

“We look forward to making the recommendations public at the conclusion of the process. The University, our Head Coach and the entire Athletic Department are fully committed to ensuring our program is following best practices.”

Apparently telling the public or the faculty who is paying the $150,000 bill for Michael Glazier, the specialist in “best practices” is not a “best practice”. One of the reasons for hiring an outside firm is the hope that the details of their work can then be hidden from review by the public, and the NCAA, by an attorney-client privilege exemption. That may get interesting – the exemption is much less general than is generally known.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t making the independent law firm AG deputies make the findings public record?

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