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10/19/2011: I’m still getting the runaround on how the athletic department’s overhead assessment got cut from 8% to 3%. Jamie Moffitt, Frances Dyke, Brad Shelton, and Laura Hubbard are all claiming they have no documentation on what was supposed to be an “Auditable” process. Actually, Moffitt is being a little cagier – she won’t say if she does or doesn’t. Huh?

Meanwhile it seems that one reason for the increases in parking fees has been to subsidize the underground arena parking and the new athletes-only lot across Franklin from the Jock Box. If anyone has any tips on this, please put in comments or email to As usual, I will not post comments that start with “do not post”.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Very bizarre — a decision resulting in the shifting of millions of dollars per year away from general university purposes to the athletic department — and nobody has an explanation ready. Are they stupid? Or do they think the rest of the world is? Then they are too.

  2. Anonymous says:

    A bit off topic but it does involve public safety. Doug Trip claims having a police department on campus will save money. A police officer working for the city starts out at $27 @ hour. This does not include benefits or retirement. Maximum pay is $35 @ hour. This information is easily found on the city’s website. A public safety officer starts off making 63% less than a police officer. My point being that if the school is going to want to offer comparable wages to attract employees. If Doug Trip wants to have 26 police officers that equates to a base $112,320 payroll before benefits, retirement, overtime and the rest of it. Take the current maximum pay and for 26 cops you are looking at a base monthly salary of $145,600. If you take the current organizational chart with 20 DPS officers the base monthly would be $54,400. Just how does this save money? It doesn’t when you are basically doubling the cost of your payroll and employing 1 executive director, 1 communications director, 1 part time professional standards administrator, 2 part time internal affairs and background investigators,2 administrative services managers, 1 associate director, 1 security director, 1 parking director, 1 business director, 1 captain, 4 lieutenants, 7 sergeants, 1 criminal intelligence analyst, 20 auxiliary public safety officers (not sure what those are) and way too many other positions to list. Public safety has 5 organizational charts for 5 different offices within public safety!! 5!! but don;t worry because this is going to save the school money. Bullshit.

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