guns, tobacco, and pot

10/15/2011: Dennis Richardson, probably the most conservative, balanced budget, family values representative in the state legislature, speaks out on federal meddling in Oregon’s largest agricultural success story:

During a tour Thursday of a medical marijuana farm outside Jacksonville, Republican Rep. Dennis Richardson said some growers are abusing Oregon’s medical marijuana law, but law enforcement should be left to Oregon.

Not exactly what you’d expect given Rep. Richardson’s official bio:

… volunteered for the U.S. Army in 1969. Dennis is a decorated, veteran helicopter pilot who served in Chu Lai, Viet Nam. After returning from Viet Nam, Dennis attended college and worked as a carpenter. … Dennis attended Brigham Young University, Harbor College, and various U.S. Army officer and pilot training schools. 

Meanwhile, UO has just decided to go smoke free. That’s right, no tobacco on campus, just medical marijuana. And, of course, while they will now bust you for a cigarette, it’s no problem if you want to bring your Glock to class. And people think this state has no diversity?

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