UO not the only state agency to get raises

10/10/2011: So did the DOJ. Bojack.org has the story. Meanwhile Bill Graves tries to dig up some quotes complaining about the UO raises, from PSU and other OUS professors. He can’t find much, but the online comments are interesting – many support the UO raises. The Croissant Chancellor’s lowest common denominator approach does not seem to get a lot of support. Harry Esteve has more on the DOJ raises (about the same as UO’s) here:

Over the summer, state worker unions settled new contracts that included a 1.5 percent cost of living increase in the first year and 1.45 percent in the second year. Employees not at the top scale also will get partial step increases. The agreements include furlough days and a new cost-sharing agreement in which state workers will begin paying 5 percent of their health insurance premiums.

Managers and non-represented employees got the same deal. Kroger got a special waiver from the state Department of Administrative Services, however, to give bigger raises to managers already at the top of the pay scale. Starting Oct. 1, “Assistant attorneys in charge” got 9 percent raises, while “attorneys in charge,” division administrators and special counselors got 7 percent raises.

Kroger got a waiver. Interesting.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    “The target raises were an effort to block a union organizing effort on campus.” Blocking a union organizing effort with pay raises? The horror! Next thing you know, they’ll be breaking out the comfy chair.

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