What would Prefontaine do

about the NCAA? Here’s what Coach Chip Kelly says about the proposals to give athletes $2,000 out of the NCAA’s $788 million in new TV revenue:

“Obviously there kids that come to college who are underprivileged and deserve the full cost of attendance but there are also kids who are on scholarships who don’t need it. I don’t really have an answer for it. I think when you do it, it has to be done across every sport. If you’re going to do it for football and men’s basketball, you have to do it for women’s soccer, softball, etc. … I do think the kids deserve something.”

Something – but only if the kids are truly needy. But Kelly thinks he’s worth $3.5 million – so much money the UO students are now paying $ 2 million a year for the athletes-only Jaqua Jock Box, and ASUO student budget overhead is now subsidizing the UO athletics department.

According to Coach Bill Bowerman’s biographer and former UO track star Kenny Moore, Coach Bill Bowerman would have replied a little differently. Moore quotes Bowerman, speaking about Steve Prefontaine at his funeral: “But he also burned with another fire: Emancipation, freedom for the U.S. athlete ….”

A more recent take is below. Is it just me, or is it obvious that the black guys are all for the athletes, while the white guy says it’s OK to give them food, but keep the rest of the money for the NCAA:

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