The mafia won’t be happy about this

defamatory USA Today story on yesterday’s congressional hearing comparing them to the NCAA:

“(The NCAA) is one of the most vicious, most ruthless organizations ever created by mankind,” (US Congressman from Illinois) Rush said. “I think you would compare the NCAA to Al Capone and to the mafia. “It’s a systemic, ongoing, prolonged abuse of thousands and thousands of innocent young men and women who are only trying to make a life for themselves and live the American dream.”

Maybe just a bit over the top, but interesting that the congressman thinks it will help his campaign, particularly given their lobbying budget. The athletic lobbying budget, I mean. NYT story on the illegal Feista Bowl contributions (and strippers) story here. Did UO money get spent on this?

Illegal Sugar Bowl contribution story here. Where was BCS President Frohnmayer when this was going on? 11/1/2011.

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