Advisory group on athletic’s financial sustainability appointed

That would be at UC-Berkeley:

The Chancellor’s Advisory Council on Intercollegiate Athletics Financial Sustainability has been asked to:

  • develop an understanding of the recent and current financial and competitive state of the Intercollegiate Athletics program;
  • assess alternative approaches to promptly putting the IA program on a financially sustainable course;
  • assess possible impacts of changes in the scope of the department on philanthropy to academic programs;
  • develop a short list of promising alternatives, including the pros and cons of each.

While the University Athletics Board and the Academic Senate’s “Task Force on Intercollegiate Athletics” are exploring similar issues, the chancellor identified an opportunity to generate fresh perspectives through focused interaction between two of the campus’s most important constituencies.

Here at UO, our administration is still in denial about the true costs of the academic subsidies of our athletics programs.

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