Oregon Commentator on Scrooge McDuck

2/4/2012: This paen to the Oregon Commentator was Dave Frohnmayer at his best:

Picking up a new issue of the Commentator is like acknowledging an unwelcome addictive behavior: It is done furtively, and with a self-loathing shudder. Once more, one can read the juvenile potty mouthed-rants of frustrated student politicos. You gape at the beery indifference to the law of defamation. …

Having been on the receiving end of a few of Frohnmayer’s late night “defamation per se” threats myself, I’m happy to see that the Commentator is back, and not just for the company in court. The latest issue includes Rebecca O’Neill’s “Scrooge McDuck” piece – an excellent summary of “Why the UO Athletic Department is One Big Greedy Mess”. Page 14, here.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Did “The Dave” really write that? Then he has more of a sense of humor than I realized.

    Late night threats? Does he perhaps partake of “the lifestyle” himself?

    Just wondering.

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