Students want more bread, fewer circuses

3/2/2012: Back of the envelope, each UO student pays $200-$500 per year in various subsidies for the jocks. In December the students voted 9 to 1 to start pressuring AD Rob Mullens to come clean about this, and fulfill longtime promises from past athletic directors to start making a contribution towards academic scholarships. At the November Senate Intercollegiate Committee meeting Jamie Moffitt (then AD finance person, now UO CFO) told the students that athletic director Rob Mullens has no plans to fulfill those promises:

The recommendation that the athletic department start contributing something for academic scholarships was made in 2004. AD Bill Moos and President Dave Frohnmayer agreed to it. Nothing has been done in seven years, and now Rob Mullens is telling the students he has no plans to even think about it for another six years. (Or until he gets another big subsidy for the Autzen expansion.) Meanwhile the costs to the student’s keep growing. Rob Mullens even has them paying half the cost of Chip Kelly’s NCAA investigation lawyer. Chutzpah.

The students are getting a little tired of this bullshit. So, now they’ve started picketing the games. ODE Story here. Photos here.

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