Students up to dirty tricks

4/10/2012 Update: Emily Schiola reports still more election craziness in the ODE.

4/9/2012: Two “slates” made it through the ASUO student primaries, voting in the final election runs all week. The “We Are Oregon” slate is made up of frat kids and looks like a front for the athletic department – its name and campaign video are ripped off from Rob Mullen’s $500,000 Pac-12 championship ad. The “Katie and Alex” slate opposes a posh new EMU, wants to use athletic profits for student scholarships, and supports OSPIRG. It’s hard to keep up with the dirty tricks – I’m guessing both sides must have aced Prof. Myagkov’s course on voting fraud in Russia. Commentator story here, ODE here.

The students did vote overwhelmingly to have the athletic department start contributing towards academic scholarships – currently they *take* from regular student tuition:

They also narrowly rejected Robin Holmes’s $100 a term EMU expansion fee, for the second time, and voted more than 3 to 1 to keep UO police unarmed. Full barely legible results here.

A commenter comments:

Very biased post. You failed to mention that the “Katie and Alex” ticket may have broken the law

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3 Responses to Students up to dirty tricks

  1. Anonymous says:

    ASUO and their members are just as crooked and dirty as the UofO athletes

  2. Anonymous says:

    Very biased post. You failed to mention that the “Katie and Alex” ticket may have broken the law

  3. Anonymous says:

    They should just run as one ticket, a combined Athletics-OSPIRG ticket dedicated to ripping off the ordinary student who just wants to get their degree. Oh well, the mock seriousness of such elections is always humorous.

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