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  1. Anonymous says:

    Keep your faculty close, and your administrators closer.

  2. Anonymous says:

    do we have a cv yet?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sent to UO emails:

    Dear Colleagues,

    This morning I officially joined the University of Oregon community. Karol and I were enthralled with the campus and community members we met seven weeks ago when I was here to accept the position, and we have been waiting for this day with increasing anticipation. I am glad to join you in the important work of education, research and service to the state and beyond. I look forward to meeting and getting to know many of you in the coming weeks and months.

    The high-light of my first day thus far was having lunch with Laura Hinman and Nick McCain, our ASUO leaders for the academic year. Their enthusiasm and passion for this institution is infectious.

    Tomorrow and Friday I will be in Portland for meetings with my presidential colleagues in the Oregon University System and with the State Board of Higher Education. On our way back to Eugene on Saturday, Karol I will join our enrollment management team and others from the UO at the 49th Annual Fiesta Mexicana in Woodburn. The University of Oregon is the exclusive higher education sponsor of Fiesta Mexicana. I am proud of this institution’s presence and commitment to bring the opportunity of a UO degree to all of Oregon’s students.

    Next week I will happily remain on campus and I look forward to meeting many more members of the faculty, staff, student body, alumni, and the Eugene/Springfield community. We will develop specific occasions later this summer for opportunities to get acquainted. And over the course of the year I will get to as many departmental meetings and events as feasible. In the meantime, you can always reach me at pres@uoregon.edu.

    Finally, I want to take this opportunity to thank Interim President Bob Berdahl for his service to the university. On a personal level, I want to thank Bob for his advice, guidance and support as I have prepared myself for this day. No one in public higher education is more respected than Bob Berdahl. It is a distinction he has well earned and well deserves.


    Michael Gottfredson

  4. UO Matters says:

    No one in public higher education is more respected (by Bob Berdahl) than Bob Berdahl.

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