NCAA cartel to crack the whip

When you run a hiring monopsony like the NCAA you have to come down hard on defectors believers in free markets like Chip Kelly, who might try to use street agents agents to funnel impermissible benefits pay reasonable compensation to their student athletes players. Tonight’s scoop from former RG reporter George Schroeder, now at USAToday, is that the NCAA is about to get real personal about this. Too bad – unless it’s a sign of the collapse of their whole corrupt cartel. And don’t miss Margaret Soltan’s hilarious sendup of a USD administrator concerned about students leaving football games early.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    More compliance administrators and more CYA paperwork. All of those head coach requirements will be on a sheet of paper that gets checked off in a recruit’s packet. Every Monday the assistants and staff will email a form ‘I [suspect|do not suspect] recruiting violations occurred’. The shenanigans will continue as before but now there will be a paper trail showing Kelly (or whoever) clearly couldn’t know that they were going on. Right.

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