PERS changes coming?

Ted Sickinger of the Oregonian has been digging into PERS for several years now. Sickinger’s latest report covers reforms that the Legislature might consider, their consequences, and the likelihood they will survive legal challenges. Former UO student Hannah Hoffman covers PERS often in her State Workers Blog for the Salem Statesman-Journal. And the PERSinfo blog is a focal point for those opposing efforts to reduce benefits. One amazing Sickinger story from last year used public records the Oregonian obtained after a lawsuit to examine the tricks Mike Bellotti used to get $500,000 a year from taxpayers. 11/19/2012.

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  1. Retired River Fishing Fool says:

    Bellotti should be proud to have all the states tax payers generously giving toward his life. Takes a special kind of person to be that greedy.

    Then again when you look at DF’s plan to bulk up the administration salaries to outrageous amounts (with no one approving of his money grabbing plan i.e. the legislature)…sure bulks up their retirements in the end. We are infected and poisoned by these greedy self serving few. And every Duck fan and state taxpayer….gets screwed for it. The worst….no one that can will to put a stop to it….the shit keeps rolling down hill.

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