ASUO makes Wiltshire beg Mullens for cash

Student government has cut $25K from their $150K subsidy of the marching band budget, contingent on Director Dr. Eric Wiltshire getting the money from other sources, presumably the AD. It will be interesting to read about his good faith efforts to do that. Ian Campbell of the ODE has the story so far. This 2006 ODE story documents a previous attempt, back when the subsidy was only $115K.

Good stuff, but the real money is in the $467K students pay every year to subsidize Matt Court, and the $1.83M they pay for the athletes-only jock box tutoring etc., 2/1/13.

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2 Responses to ASUO makes Wiltshire beg Mullens for cash

  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s Dr. Eric Wiltshire for the record

    -UO student

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Are you implying that the handful of b ball games & other “entertainment” like Bull riding rodeos & Monster truck shows are not enriching enough to justify the $467K students pay annually to subsidize Matt Court???

    By the way, if non-jock students wish to use the jock box (rumor is they have a nice library), if they make a fuss about it & question why they can not use a campus building (perhaps bring the press along), they will officially announce there was some misunderstanding– Of course all students can use the jock box, or at least have partial access.

    Still, let the athletic dept pay for their entertainment. They are “duck-centric”& guess what? There are students who never go to any games- why should they have to pay for the band?

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