Union demands secret negotiations!

7/26/2013: Union president files unfair labor practices complaint, telling reporters:

“To negotiate this contract in front of the media and the court of public opinion would bring these negotiations to a screeching halt and jeopardize any forward progress the parties have made.”

That would be the Portland Police Union President, trying to keep the public from learning about negotiations with the city on rules for investigations of police shootings.

Here in Eugene it’s the UO administration that has raised objections to public meetings and blogging, and tried to move the negotiations off campus to make it more difficult for faculty to watch. From bargaining session X, in February:

Rudnick: Wants to move the bargaining sessions off campus from Lillis to ORI to make it more difficult for faculty to attend the sessions about wages. Unbelievable. Mauer: No. Rudnick: She and Blandy and Gleason are pretending that they don’t have authority to book 450 Lillis? Mauer: We are committed to give you our economic proposals (raises). We would like the same from you. Rudnick: Looking very, very pissed about something. She friends with Bean? Mauer: We want to add more sessions because you have been so slow. Rudnick: Very, very tight-lipped. Mauer: Let’s go back to your claim that you are “The University” instead of the faculty and the students. Rudnick: “It’s demeaning for you to insist that we are not the university.” Mauer: We don’t mean to demean you. Rudnick: This is very, very important to us. We are not going to let you call us the administration. Wow, even the administrators don’t want to be called the administration? Things in JH must be really bad.

Rudnick lost on this, and bargaining session XXXII will start at 9AM Monday in room 122 of the library. Open to the public. Be there.

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