Strategic Planning Workshop, happening now, 12PM EMU Ballroom


Workshop 1: Tuesday, February 17, 12:00 to 2:00pm in the EMU Ballroom

Focus on: Attracting high quality, diverse students and promote student access, retention, and success; Attracting and retaining high quality, diverse faculty and staff; and Enhancing physical and IT infrastructure to ensure academic excellence.

2/17/2015:  Students not impressed with Brad Shelton’s “patronizing” TFAB presentation:

Francesca Fontana has the story in the ODE, here:

… These changes would raise the cost of a student’s credit hour by $7 for residents and $24 for nonresidents. In 2015-2016, the cost of attending UO full-time (45 credits a year) would increase by $315 for residents and $1,080 for nonresidents.

Shelton explained that there would be two increases in costs mandated by the state: a $3.5 million increase in retirement costs and $2.5 million increase health care for employees.

Many students were displeased with the proposed tuition raise. Some held signs that read the salaries for various members of the administration.

One read, “President, $440,004.”

One student in the crowd proposed lowering those salaries, saying that the president of the university earns a higher salary than the president of the Unites States. Barack Obama earns $400,000 per year for his work as commander-in-chief.

Some called for a tuition freeze. Others asked how many tuition dollars paid for lawyer’s fees duringGTFF bargaining or the UO’s pending sexual assault litigation.

Shelton did not present any information on 2014-2015 expenditures. Instead, he directed students to find them online.

2/16/2015: Shelton and Moffitt to propose 3-5% tuition increases, Monday at 2PM:

We’ve obtained a preview of Brad Shelton’s presentation:

Shelton and Moffitt  really don’t want anyone to see the budget information they are using to come up with these proposals:


Dear Mr. Harbaugh:

The University of Oregon has received your public records request for “any documents provided to the Tuition and Feed Advisory Board, from 7/1/2013 to the present”,on 11/04/2014, attached. The office has at least some documents responsive to your request. By this email, the office is providing you with an estimate to respond to your requests.

The office estimates the actual cost of responding to your request to be $474.28.

TFAB Announcement:

Dear students, parents, professors, and community members.

Monday at 2pm is the time to shine. The tuition and fees advisory board will present its suggestions for tuition and fees increases for the upcoming school year. It is your moment to make your voice heard.The meeting takes place at Lawrence 115 (UO campus). 

Spoiler Alert! They’ll propose increases between 3-5%. And they will say a lot of things about labor costs, retirement and how students need to pay for all of this :)

This is why it is very important that you take your thine this Monday and come to this meeting. We need to pack this room. Bring your homework, your grading, a late lunch or an even later breakfast, your arts and crafts projects, but please come! 

This is a great opportunity actually let administrators know how you feel about their spending priorities!!! Take your frustration off the internetzzz and bring it to the meeting. Ask critical questions and voice your concerns. 

Frances Bronet will be there, so will Brad Shelton, Robin Holmes and Jim Brooks.

We are counting on you! 

Here is a link to our Facebook event by SLAP:

In order to prepare for this meeting…

A.) SLAP is tabling tomorrow from 10-4 at the EMU Amphitheater. They are still looking for volunteers. Please come by and help our!

B.) A student group coalition (ASUO representatives, SLAPers and LESST activists) is meeting at 3pm in the Alsea room (EMU) across from Panda Express – we will work on talking points for the meeting on Monday

C.) SLAP is hosting a work and sign making party this Sunday at 2pm at the ROAR center, please contact for more information

If you have more questions, please contact

All the best, Judith

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3 Responses to Strategic Planning Workshop, happening now, 12PM EMU Ballroom

  1. Cynic says:

    The federal index for average increases in higher education costs was 3 percent for 2014. It is just a number, but it does provide some context.

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  2. that effing Dog again says:

    While a 3-5% tuition increase may or may not be necessary, I would really like to see how such increased revenue could be dedicated to something tangible (new classroom building, for instance) rather than it just be added to the already diffuse nature of revenue distribution.

    And does this mean, I can buy back 3-5% of graduate student assistantships for departments that have been cut by 50%.?

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  3. Anonymous UO Alum says:

    This is absurd. Those documents should be made available to the public free of charge. Students, especially, should be able to see, for free, the data used to calculate their tuition and fees without having to make a public records request. This data should be put up on the UO website for free.

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