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  1. Anonymous UO Alum says:

    Just gotta love the d$/dt for the Senior Admins!! It would be interesting to see how other peer universities compare with this breathtaking trajectory UO Senior Admins are on. This graph should be useful in bargaining talks…

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  2. SaveUofO says:

    When your circle of admins write their own contracts and decide their own pay there isn’t any limit on the obscene and checks and balances go right out the window.

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  3. Conflict of interest says:

    Follow the wet footprints from the “dry well” to JH.

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  4. You're welcome! says:

    Yours truly,

    classified staff

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  5. 'dead duck' says:

    If the admins were effective and encouraging quality education, and significant research I would not worry so much about the trend, but the mediocrity of the proposals for course and for special research projects is truly depressing. I sit on an international advisory group and allocate money for undergrad research, and what is coming out of UO is depressingly ‘ordinary’ and focused solely on what passes for the currently ‘correct’. No wonder I feel like a ‘dead duck’!

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    • batgirl says:

      This is depressing. On a related note, my high school child was recently admitted to a strong public university in another state and awarded $5,000 for research. This isn’t part of the financial aid package but money to fund research activities for an undergraduate senior thesis at a very solid and well-funded public university. That’s certainly something to think about when writing a proposal for a $2500 summer faculty research award at UO.

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  6. SaveUofO says:

    When JH had a meeting on innovation, they decided to be progressive with their paychecks.

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  7. awesome0 says:

    How does this look for our AAU peers?

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  8. duckduckgo says:

    The rise of salaries is only one dimension of the problem. The other is the adding of positions to the administration. So the total bloat is (increased salaries) x (increased # of admins). You take a VPRIGE and convert that position to a VPRI at a higher salary plus a Dean of GE at a high salary and the cost of admin has risen 2-fold, not just a percent.

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  9. Anonymous UO Alum says:

    Looks like Senior Admins raked in about a 6.3% geometric mean salary increase per year over the ten year span. Almost double the 3.3% that TTF received. Ten years of compounding at 6.3%/year sure looks great compared to 3.3%/year.

    Following up on duckduckgo’s comments, we need to see the total cost of all JH Senior Admins over that same 2003 to 2013 time span. This would show us the total Senior Admin cost d$/dt increase over time as JH packed in more Senior Admin types at the ever increasing salaries shown above. Notice, too, that the rapid rise in Senior Admin average salaries started in 2004, during the DF and JTM regime. d$/dt in the graph above hasn’t changed much since they bailed out with their golden parachutes.

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  10. Thom Aquinas, Ph.D says:

    Oh Please! Stop the whining.
    Just hire
    1. a VP for VP Coordination, Safety, and Fu%$@*g Faculty Control
    2. a VP for VP Martial Arts and Pitchfork Defense
    3. a VP for VP Resources and Hiring
    4. a VP for VP Harassment Deflection
    5. a VP for Increased Paperwork Production and Silly Forms
    6. a VP for Spins and Demagogy
    7. a VP for Vague Statements and Unsubstantiated Threats
    8. a VP for Wait There’s a Problem
    9. a VP for Where, What, I see None
    10. a VP for I Assure You There is One Now
    11. a VP for Because I Just Invented One
    12. a VP for Producing VP-Projects out of Thin Air
    13. a VP for Penny Daugherty (oh, wait, that one’s real)


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  11. Angry Old Lady says:

    Universities administration are a pet peeve of mine.

    The only reason that students have trillions of dollars amassed in student loans is that the administrations of these “institutions of education” have systematically raised their body count, paychecks and turned the institutions into their personal money making machines. Raping our future at the belief that the administrations of these institutions are important to the daily running of the institution.

    Get this…if all the administrators of all the institutions were taken away…these same institutions would run without them. They are a group of useless thugs bent on making their riches off the backs of our students…laughing all the way to the bank knowing the students are the one’s paying for it. Sick bunch of bastards really.

    Who ever thought that a football coach should be paid millions just to play a game and that a professor who teaches…isn’t worth a fraction of that amount. Why do institutional presidents who clearly are more chair warmers than a person of educational importance, get paid more that the scientist that teach our students to find cures for the problems of today?

    When you take the importance of our faculty with the hard work of our classified staff an administrator is totally useless they don’t even KNOW the inner workings of an institution let alone ever tried it. WTF are they there for….sucking the life out of our future that’s what…..laughing all the way to the bank.

    First thing I was told when first employed at this University was that my job was in service to the faculty and students. I was never told I was there in service to the administration.. There is no one more important on a campus than our Students or our Faculty and it is clear our classified group can take care of any of their needs without any input of an administrator. Its clear..we don’t need the “upper crust” administration and when you see what they have done to this University…we clearly don’t need the destruction our band of bastards have caused.

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  12. OMG says:


    May I suggest a course in anger management? Consider what it takes to run a University, see


    Most folks who post on this blog do not have a clue.

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    • uomatters says:

      Thanks for this sobering link, and please keep this sort of substantive information flowing.

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    • Old Man says:

      We see what we already believed — that administration might be as taxing as research and teaching, but is far less interesting. Perhaps salaries for administrators should be about 15% higher than that for the corresponding academic rank, to compensate for the evident drudgery.

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    • Fishwrapper says:

      There are a number of items on that list that require understanding and participation on a daily basis by a wide range of university employees, but do not justify the absurd paychecks at upper administrative levels.

      Granted, having an central authority to administer campus activities to ensure compliance with the myriad state and federal statutes that cover campus across the board is useful, but in many cases not particularly essential. For example, Public Law No. 105-304 has no requirement for a central administrative authority, while 29 C.F.R. §§ 1900-2400 would suggest that the institution has a vested, central, administrative interest in ensuring compliance.

      Yes, I’m cherry picking, but so is posting a list…

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    • charlie says:

      Oh, I don’t know, it seems that running a university involves more than what you’re claiming.


      Seems that unis were running a pigeon drop scheme on their own students through their financial aid offices. At least that what the NYAG discovered. That would make most people angry, but apparently not in uni-land….

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    • just different says:

      AOL is managing her anger–she’s posting comments on a blog instead of punching somebody. There isn’t a damn thing wrong with well-justified anger.

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  13. Anonymous says:

    Well how about this: after you graduate from university, you get a job working at the university you graduated from, you do what you went to school to do, you start paying back your student loans based on the income the same university offers you, and you discover a decade later that you owe more than you did 10 years ago because your income-based payment doesn’t even cover the interest.

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  14. Angry Old Lady says:

    Compliance?….ok I fell off my chair in laughter suggesting that somewhere in JH they believe in compliance. You clearly know nothing about JH and compliance. JH is a self serving personal enrichment system that runs on me first you last…and compliance in any way is way off their radar. And FYI… I do know what I’m talking about. I need no anger management. With the knowledge I have about JH administration…dead or alive they are all a bunch of arse kissing, greedy spineless, thugs with no morals what so ever.

    I would never punch somebody. I am not a violent person. I, at one time loved the University and had great pride in my position. Everyday I felt good at serving the Faculty and Students…doing my part for a better future for all. Then big D came along…nuf said.

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