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  1. Anas Clypeata says:

    It would be great to see updated numbers from Professor Freinkel.

    This article reminded me of some venerable research by the Center for Social and Economic Research from over a decade ago:


  2. daffy duck says:

    So the UO graduates Pell students at the highest rate in the state and has the lowest net tuition for Pell students but ‘lags in Pell graduates’ because the difference between Pell and non Pell rates is larger for the UO? Of course, the income gap between Pell and non Pell students is likely larger at the UO. Why? Because our net tuition for Pell students is lower than at other Oregon schools, so poorer Pell students are better able to enroll here than elsewhere and we have a much higher proportion of wealthy, nonresident students (mostly non Pell). As a consequence, the difference between Pell and non Pell is larger at the UO. Junk journalism by Dietz and junk analysis by the Education Trust. Unfortunately, the headline reads as bad despite the truth. A good Institutional Research department would have been on top of this as part of tracking Pathway Oregon.

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