Provost Coltrane announces raises!

Coltrane’s not giving our faculty union any credit for these raises, but at least he’s not blaming the union, so I guess that’s progress:

To: All Faculty
From: Scott Coltrane, Provost and Senior Vice President
Date: November 2, 2015
Re: FY 2016 Compensation Increases

I would like to share with you the following important details about compensation increases for all faculty:

$650 one-time payment to be issued for all faculty

Any faculty employed in November will receive this one-time payment on the end-of-November paycheck.

The amount will be pro-rated by your November 2015 FTE.

Pay increases

All faculty with an appointment at any point in FY 16 will receive a 2% increase to their base salary.

Pay increases are effective January 1, 2016 and will be applied to end-of-January paychecks.

The Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs is available to answer any questions. Please contact Pam Palanuk (

Word is that the OA’s will also get the $650 one-time payment or if they prefer a side of beef, cut and wrapped. Plus a 2% pool for merit raises.

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6 Responses to Provost Coltrane announces raises!

  1. OA Anon says:

    OA’s increase is a MERIT increase based on a 2% pool. So different than faculty increases which are 2% ATB.
    OAs also getting the $650 payments in November.

  2. thedude says:

    Maybe the reason for hiring so many more administrators is to avoid the small pool problem in their merit pools!!

  3. wonderingNTTF says:

    Were NTTF left out of this? I didn’t get the email but thought this included us.

  4. elf says:

    OAs are getting the $650 but the raises in January don’t work the same way.

    Each campus unit with OAs gets a pool of money that is equivalent to 2% of every OA’s current salary. So if you have 4 OAs, you get 2% of each of their salaries in a combined pool. Then within the unit those people supervising OAs decide how to allocate the money. So you could give each of your 4 hypothetical OAs their 2%–or you could choose to allocate the pool differently, based on merit.

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