Around the O publishes informative article

about SAIL’s recently concluded crowdfunding campaign, and explains the process for starting your own UO Advancement approved “Duckfunder campaign”, By Greg Bolt, here.

SAIL raised $17,500, and after the match that’s $35,000. You can still give to SAIL (and still get it matched by a very generous alumni donor) by going to and entering “For SAIL” in the text box. You’ll get a nice letter of thanks, suitable for showing to the IRS.

The UO Development people were very, very helpful and enthusiastic. The only downside is that duckfunder does not tap into a large database of other donors to similar causes, as crowdfunder sites like kickstarter and gofundme do, and prompt those people to take a look at your cause. On the other hand it is included in emails that go out to UO alumni.

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4 Responses to Around the O publishes informative article

  1. Texas Guy says:

    Can SAIL have GoFundMe or kickstarter campaigns as well, or does signing up with DuckFunder preclude that?

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    • uomatters says:

      Free market fundraising by freelancing faculty is a no.

      Which is understandable. Suppose I used kickstarter to ask people for tax deductible donations to support my UO teaching and research, and then instead spent the money on, say, gold-plated jockstraps.

      UO would be in a world of trouble. Obviously they need some central control to prevent that sort of thing from happening.

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      • Fishwrapper says:

        I’m pretty sure they already have funding sources for the gold-plated jockstraps.

        The real problem is the maintenance program UO had to agree to when it started using them…

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  2. ORLY? says:

    “Around the O publishes informative article”

    trying to unseat Fox News as “Fair and Balanced”?

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