Senate meets 3-4:30PM Wed in Browsing Room, then BOT reception

Synopsis: The UO Senate:

a) voted to let the Faculty Advisory Council keep having its confidential meetings with the President,

b) sent a warning shot across the bow of UOPD Chief Carolyn McDermed on community policing (rumor has it that McDermed will be leaving in June), and

c) had a successful meet and greet with the UO Trustees and JH leadership.

The latter on the initiative of President Schill, who seems to have a good grasp of the important role of cocktail parties in effective shared governance. Rob Mullens even showed up – something he won’t do for an IAC meeting.

12/2/2015: Topics include approval of new courses and more debate on FAC confidentiality. The meeting ends at 4:25 for a reception hosted by President Schill from 4:30 – 6:00 pm in the Susie Papé Room of the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art. Remember, if you can’t make this meeting you can send a substitute – details here

DRAFT: Senate Meeting Agenda – December 2, 2015 – 

Browsing Room, Knight Library; 3:00-5:00 pm

3:00 pm    Introductory Remarks, Senate President Randy Sullivan

3:10 pm    1.   Call to Order

3:10 pm    2.   Approval of Minutes. 2.1      November 11, 2015

3:15 pm    4.   New Business

4.1       IFS Election (third UO Senator and member of statutory faculty)
Candidates so far: Robert Kyr (Music), Nathan Tublitz (Biology), Dejing Dou (Computer and Information Science

Postponed til Jan.

4.2       US15/16-09: Approval of Curriculum Report, Fall Term 2015; Frances White (Anthropology), Chair of UO Committee on Courses

Approved unanimously.

4.3      Motion: Extension of US14/15-92: Regarding Negotiations on Recent Senate Legislation; Bill Harbaugh (Economics), Senator

Postponed until Jan.

4.4       US15/16-06 (Legislation – Returning): Revision of Faculty Advisory’s charge and exemption fromSenate Open Meetings rule; Committee on Committees

Passes after a long discussion.

4.5       US15/16/-04 (Resolution – Returning): Improving Effectiveness of the UO Police Department; Frank Stahl (Biology) and John Nicols (History), Emeritus

Embattled Police Chief McDermed shows up. Supports general notion, says police need a balance between community policing and the physical deterrent of a police car with sirens. Reports that use of police cars has saved two lives – one on campus, one in Spencer view.

Senator McIntire asks why the Senate is dealing with this. Not an academic matter. Sullivan explains that for a resolution, Senate can take up anything. Psaki argues it’s an important matter for campus climate, which in turn matters for academics.

Ahlen: Would like more clarity about police policy in general, now that McDermed is here.

Burns (student): As an RA, thinks UOPD has been very helpful with safety in the dorms. But knows that many students do not feel safe with the fact that the police are armed, would prefer unarmed campus safety. Asks McDermed to comment.

McDermed: We are trying to get out of cars more, learn about campus.

Frazee: At orientation, parents are quite relieved to learn that we have armed police who can respond quickly by vehicles.

Hansen: Puts in pitch for police using hoverboards.

Nicols: Frank Stahl and I know that there are many controversial issues with police. This is a start.

Question is called. Resolution passes with a slight majority.

4:30, Meeting adjourns.

4:30 pm    5.   Open Discussion

5.1        Topics: President Schill’s proposal for ensuring access and success:

1. Expand number of Tenure-Track faculty on campus
2. Access & Affordability
3. Great Student Experience

4:45 pm    6.   Reports

4:45 pm    7.   Notice(s) of Motion

4:45 pm    8.   Other Business

5:00 pm    9.   Adjournment

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