Student groups turn to ASUO for funding to cope with Schill’s cuts

Reporter Tran Nguyen has the story in the ODE, here. UO spokesperson Tobin Klinger has an interesting interpretation:

… “The Geology [department] has not and has never had the intention of changing their ongoing support of the Geology Club,” Klinger said. “The club succeeded in securing new funding from ASUO next year, and it may be that they’ll need less support from Geology as a result.”

However, not all groups were as fortunate. ASUO Finance Director Shawn Stevenson said in an email to administration that almost every law student program has requested funding from PFC due to department cuts, including the Oregon Law Review, as it lost its $10,000 funding last year. In the email, Stevenson also mentioned multiple groups from Lundquist College of Business and School of Journalism and Communication also credited department cuts for the needs for a budget increase.

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