Board holds emergency session, gives jocks what they want when they want it

2/18/2016: There are some good people on the UO board. You know they’re hoping the day will come when they can announce they’ve done something important for UO’s academic side. But that day is not today. Today Diane Dietz has yet another story on the effort and expense that UO’s leaders are willing to lavish on the jocks, here.

2/14/2016: What would Scalia say about using eminent domain for IAAF championships?

The UO Board of Trustees will attempt to use eminent domain to condemn a cell phone tower that’s in the way of the plan to tart-up Hayward Field for the 2021 IAAF Championships. They’ve called an emergency meeting for February 18th:

“The UO is at a point in time where further delay would cause significant delay in the overarching project, the completion of which is currently timed for events next spring critical to the local economy.”

Whereas, the University of Oregon (“University”) desires to expand certain campus facilities, including Hayward Field, to improve the University’s ability to provide educational and athletic opportunities for its students; to support the University’s ability to host significant state, national, and international events that promote the University and it students; to bring economic opportunities and benefits to the community and the State of Oregon; and to enhance spectating and training (“Project”); …

NOW, THEREFORE, the Board hereby:

1. RESOLVES that acquiring SBA 2012 TC Assets, LLC’s (“SBA”), its subtenants’, and any other parties’ interests in a lease of real property located at the southwest corner of Hayward Field is necessary and required to complete the Project.  The particular interests that are necessary to the Project, and that the University will acquire, are specifically described in the attached Exhibit A (“Property”), which is incorporated herein by reference as if fully set forth herein;

2. FURTHER RESOLVES that the Project is necessary for the public interest, and has been planned, designed, located and will be constructed in a manner that will be the most compatible with the greatest public good and the least injury to private parties; …

Paul Weinhold’s UO Foundation will, of course, pay for the expenses associated with the latest athletic distraction from UO’s academic mission:

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 12.29.33 PM

It appears UO had already proposed substantial concessions – I wonder if the foundation was going to cover those too, and out of which pot of money?:

Ground lease amendment and construction agreement are still not executed.   An amendment to the existing ground lease is needed to reflect the new location and any modified terms agreed upon as a result of this relocation.  Also needed is a construction agreement for the new site.  Thus, the university engaged SBA’s counsel in mid‐October to accomplish both.   Early on, the UO agreed to amend the lease to include the following provisions, which are favorable to SBA: The new tower would be taller and larger (approximately 160 feet tall and 5 feet in diameter), not only to adjust for differences in elevation and clearance at the new site, but also to accommodate an additional tenant provider; the lease would be extended for 10 additional years; and, SBA would receive a 50% reduction in rent for five years if the current tower is vacated by August 1, 2016.

Two of the four emergency or unscheduled meetings of the UO Board or committees have revolved around sports:

August 2014: Buy out Mike Gottfredson:

February 2015: Give emergency raises to Athletic Director Rob Mullens and Football Coach Mark Helfrich:

April 2015: Appoint Michael Schill as President:

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