Help wanted: UO Matters looking for opinionated writers who think UO matters

When I ran for Senate President I said I’d have to do something with this blog. I don’t buy the argument it’s a conflict of interest, any more than the UO President’s army of well paid PR flacks are conflicted, but it sure needs some fresh blood. See my post below for proof – there’s a fascinating new story about the Bias Response Team, but I’m just recycling stuff from 3 years back about Tim Gleason of all people. Lame. So if you are interested in helping perpetuate a venerable UO institution, please get in touch.

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7 Responses to Help wanted: UO Matters looking for opinionated writers who think UO matters

  1. ODA says:

    I vote for Dog and HUB… Kind of like a Shields and Gigot… or something.

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  2. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    What, me opinionated?!!

    And dog?

    Flattering, but …

    I nominate Old Man.

    By the way, I received a UOM chalice presumably in recognition of my opinions here — through back channels — much appreciated.

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  3. cdsinclair says:

    I would, but ….

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  4. Kevin Reed says:

    I’m ready, coach. Put me in!

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  5. Captain Nemo says:

    As “Car Talk” and other NPR programs have no scruples about recycling old programs, I do not believe that UOM needs to be concerned about revisiting older cases, especially those where divine justice has not yet been administered to the perps.

    Moreover, given the range of interests expressed in UOM, a small editorial board of Old Man, HUB and Dog might be an effective way to move forward.

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