OSU researchers lose Waldo Lake battle against Zika mosquitoes

8/1/2016: Anyone have a recent trip report?

UO Matters is now the #3 hit on google when you search for factual information on “Waldo Lake mosquitoes”. Help us get to #1 by sharing your data in the comments. Waldo lake weather forecast here, USFS map here, recreation passes here.

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But before you clog up the boat ramp this weekend trying to get your canoe off the rack (hint: there’s no cellphone reception, so download this helpful guide to knots in Oakridge) take a moment to consider the infamous Waldo Lake mosquitoes, and the risk that you may infect your colleagues or loved ones with the microencephalitic Zika virus.

Environmental extremists have pushed up the price of black market DDT, and while Oregon State researchers have tested an organic alternative at Waldo, and published the results in the Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association, they apparently failed to persuade our state government to spend the $5,000 needed to defeat this terrorist threat:

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The private sector took up the challenge with a device made from old digital cameras and lasers from broken printers that tracks and incinerates hundreds of mosquitos per minute:

I can only imagine how much money the big-mosquito lobby paid Apple to keep this app off my phone.

9/15/2013: Log of the “Sweet Pea”:

Whilst on a SW tack our lookout detected a canoe in distress. In accordance with the law of the sea, as the nearest vessel we answered the rather giggly SOS. With the wind at force 4 from WNW, we smartly came about and put her in irons at 90 degrees to the swamped vessel. Our able crew inverted same, dragged it aboard the Sweet Pea, righted it, and then assisted the two distressed sea-persons in re-boarding. 2 minutes by the ship’s clock and we were all safely away.

Beaching at our favorite location, we were chased off by some hostile Kiwis. Seriously. But unlike Captain Cook we avoided confrontation and death by moving to another beach, and our only real hardship arose from the fact that each family had assumed it was the other’s turn to bring the beer.

It was the most people I’ve ever seen on Waldo: canoes, kayaks, paddle-boards, inflatables, sailboats, a catamaran, and a misinformed Mackenzie fishing boat.

8/17/2013: 11:30AM-6:00PM. Wind from the west, force 3 on the Beaufort scale. A large gender balanced sample with significant age variation was recruited and informed consent was obtained. The number of mosquito bites was not significantly greater than zero, using a one-tailed test.

8/4/2013: A panel with n=4 and repeated observations from 11AM to 5PM centered around North Bay yielded only a few bites. Water was actually warm enough for swimming. Wind 5-10 knots out of the west. Light haze from the fires, but no smell of smoke. And no stink-pots! Great day.

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6 Responses to OSU researchers lose Waldo Lake battle against Zika mosquitoes

  1. Anonymous says:

    Friends stayed three nights at Waldo last week. They said that mosquitos were no problem in the sun, but that they did have to go inside their RV earlier than they would have liked due to mosquitoes. Sounds like it’s a go for day trips, though.

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  2. Merits public censure says:

    This is yet another example of how Harbaugh’s obsession for transparency has harmed The University, by revealing vital information to our enemies. Waldo Lake’s mosquitos obviously read UOM. Forewarned is forearmed, and they have taken counter-measures to defeat our lasers.

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Another n=4 cluster, same day, same time, same micro location. Total bites, three. Many flying critters on the islands, though., and abundant algae.

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  4. Should have put out an RFP to fill in for me while at Waldo. says:

    30 July 2014, 11a-3a, Waldo Shadow Bay down through the south shore.

    4 paddlers, 12 bites total, not much of a bother at all.**

    ** The Gottfredson exemption: spinal deficiencies in UO’s upper administration suggest that the validity of these claims are increasingly suspect the closer to MG one is in the (latest) organizational chart of the UO administration.

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  5. Dog says:

    Oh just publish something about Zika carrying mosquitoes now sited at Waldo Lake. Kim Kardishian is the first to be bit.

    That will move you to number one …

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  6. anonymous says:

    The definitive book of knots:

    Ashley Book of Knots


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