Duck PR flack Dave Williford threatens to revoke student-reporter’s press pass

The reporter’s special crime? Publishing this story on alleged assaults by Duck athletes, including a locker-room fight that left a teammate with a concussion and an alleged attempt to strangle his girlfriend, and an alleged attack by another player that left an alumnus with a broken arm. The interview with the Daily Emerald’s Kenny Jacoby by the Oregonian’s John Canzano is here:

… Kenny Jacoby, the sports editor of the Emerald, joined me on the radio show on Friday to download on the story, and how his team’s access was threatened by the University of Oregon athletic department after the student newspaper contacted a key player involved directly. (UO failed/refused to coordinate an interview request so the students say they reached out themselves).

“We were actually called into the athletic department office and we were told if we do that again we were going to get our credential pulled,” Jacoby said. …

I know of one other Duck reporter who was also told to toe the line on reporting or have their access revoked. I know many former Emerald reporters read this blog, and if any of you have similar stories please email me at uomatters at gmail.

Williford is the same duck flack who took it upon himself to masquerade as a *UO* spokesperson in attacking the statistics used in UO economist Glen Waddell’s paper on football and bad grades, as reported in the NYTimes.

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  1. Eddie says:

    Silence the student press and tell them before you do it? Clear cut retaliation for exercising your rights. The person in athletics who made this threat should be fired immediately. President Schill needs to take immediate action to protect our students from this sort of action against free speech on our campus. What kind of an idiot threatens a student reporter over a story? Oh yeah. An idiot in athletics.

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