UO faculty pay slips relative to other AAU public universities

Full professors down from 89% to 87%, Associates down from 96% to 95%, Assistants down from 95% to 94%. The union raises are due in January, but of course pay will also increase at other universities.



Obviously these numbers do not include the cost of benefits, which is unusually large at UO, in part because we are in the PEBB health insurance pool with all state employees and pay to subsidize their health care, and in part because of the legacy cost of PERS Tier 1/2. The latter cost will increase this biennium and next as the PERS board continues its insane attempt to bankrupt the state by demanding money now to fully fund the PERS system. UO will pay $10’s of millions extra each year, not just to pay the benefits of our retired workers, but to build up the PERS endowment so that those benefits can ultimately be fully paid from investment earnings.

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3 Responses to UO faculty pay slips relative to other AAU public universities

  1. duckduckgo says:

    Near-average salaries, good benefits at a school hoping to be near average as well. Seems fine.

  2. thedude says:

    More salary is great. More research support is critical.

  3. Thedude says:

    How much of this I’d die to the asshat ask and cave by the union to delay our raises until January?

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