9 Responses to UO cuts 31 teaching jobs, more to come

  1. Anonymous says:

    But there’s still money in the coffer for the BLM demands, right?

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    • Big well says:

      Love those new motorcycles uopd bought!

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      • Anonymous says:

        Just wait until you see the new uniforms, new vehicle wraps and paint jobs, long rifles, tasers and all new firearms! So much money UOPD can give away cars too

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    • José says:

      Is that what I was hearing about a new SJW Center?

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  2. yet again says:

    Yeah we aren’t cutting any IT jobs anywhere?

    I hope the administration and the faculty remember this when someone says we just don’t have the people to do what you want. They think IT staff are expensive just wait till the see the bill for IT contractors.

    The slow death of IT at the U of O. We really need a few more high priced managers to take care of all of this.

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    • Widget#298 says:

      Cutting through attrition — IT people running away and retirement.

      There’s the belief that “the cloud” will take care of everything.

      IT workers are interchangeable widgets.

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  3. willie kamm says:

    I honestly think most faculty have no idea how bad this is going to get. Last week a position that 15 years ago required a national search, faculty presentations, etc. – was simply handed to a flunkie. No apparent qualifications. No staff input. No search committee. Notification to staff via email.

    This isn’t about best practices. It’s cronyism all the way down.

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  4. willie kamm says:

    What can I tell you that you don’t already know? Their IT business model is based on those McDonald’s ordering kiosks. Fill out the online form. Collaboration, imagination, creativity, cooperation – forget that. Here’s what’s disappearing:

    faculty “I’d like to do ABC.”
    me “Sorry, we can’t do that – we can do BCD”
    faculty “What’s the difference?”
    me “Some obscure tech thing.”
    faculty “I don’t care about that. BCD sounds just fine.”
    me “Allright then. We’re good to go.”

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