UO Pathway program delivers better grad rates for low income students

And thanks to the HECC’s recent change of heart on tuition increases, we won’t have to cut this program.

In yellow, you can see that the 4-year graduation rate for Pell eligible (i.e. low income, often minority/first generation) UO undergrads has gone from 36.8% for the 2003 cohort to 47.1% for the 2012 cohort. That means these students are graduating sooner and getting jobs sooner. UO’s Pathway program tops off these students Pell grants with tuition discounts, and it gives them a comprehensive advising program to help them graduate on time.

Yes 47.1% is not perfect – but it shouldn’t be. UO wants to accept and graduate students who are on the margin – not just ones who will graduate and succeed regardless.

And in orange, you can see that UO is also doing a better job graduating our richer students more quickly. Which is also nice. And yes, some of these trends are the result of rational responses by our students to the improving job market. Which is why I’m showing you the diff in diff.

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