Judge McShane dismisses Dana Altman’s players’ lawsuits against UO, Gott

Who knows how many millions of dollars and how much damage to UO’s “brand” Dana Altman and his enablers have cost us so far, and how much is still to come. But for now, Dylan Darling has the good news in the RG here:

… U.S. District Judge Michael McShane in Eugene earlier this month dismissed the cases brought by Brandon Austin, Dominic Artis and Damyean Dotson. The court entered the ruling into the record Wednesday and the lawsuits are open to appeal, but may not be filed again.

“This has been a long and complicated road, but we could not be more satisfied with the outcome,” UO Vice President and General Counsel Kevin Reed said Wednesday in a statement. “While we were confident from the beginning that our processes and protocols were followed properly and complied with our legal obligations and our duty of fairness, this brings to a close any legitimate speculation to the contrary. We are glad to have this situation in our rear view mirror and that we can now confirm that the university’s professionals conducted themselves in compliance with the law.” …

The docket is here. Congratulations to UO GC Kevin Reed:

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