Law school enrollment plummets, but faculty hiring increases

Their enrollment is down 35%, but their faculty count is up and the new hiring plan gives them 2 TTF hires. If this were the humanities, the dean would be laying off NTTF’s and freezing TTF hiring. I don’t know why the law school gets special treatment. These may be replacements for retirements, but why aren’t they facing cuts? The rest of the university is already paying $6.5M a year to subsidize tuition for law students.

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6 Responses to Law school enrollment plummets, but faculty hiring increases

  1. Grumpy says:

    Special treatment couldn’t be because of Jamie Moffit’s close ties with the law school, or could it? Or because the president is a lawyer? Of course they’ll claim the TTF are needed for accreditation. The UO law school should be closed. But then Schill would lose his tenure home so that will never happen. There are two other good law schools in Oregon – Lewis & Clark and Willamette. How many lawyers does the state need to produce, anyway?

  2. Lucha says:

    Aren’t two of the TTF positions accounted for by the hires of Schill (2015/16) and the new law school dean (2017)?

  3. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    Frightening enrollment free fall continues, apparently.

    Unfortunately, UO is stripped down enough. It probably can’t afford to ditch Law.

    By the way, what do all those law professors do?

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