Oregon taxpayers give UO $50M for Knight Campus construction

Saul Hubbard has the good news in the RG today. The ask was for $100M, but the rest will come next biennium or so. These are the kinds of bonds that are repaid by taxpayers – unlike the $235M the state let UO borrow for Knight Arena. Those bonds are UO’s obligation to repay, and are an ongoing constraint on our ability to borrow.

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3 Responses to Oregon taxpayers give UO $50M for Knight Campus construction

  1. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    I guess with the new tax on medical care to pay for expanding medicaid, the state has ample money to spend on other stuff.

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  2. UOGrad says:

    Phil never pays retail for anything.
    His name will be all over it while taxpayers pay a significant share of it.

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  3. Salty says:

    Wait, can someone help me understand what is going on here?
    I read this:
    And it seems the Elliot forest was already state-owned and generating revenue for us already, annually, for the Common School Fund. When lumber prices took a hit, the State Land Board wanted to sell the annual incoming generating forest for a one-time cost benefit of $220.8 million to a group headed by Lone Rock Timber and the Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Indians.
    So now the taxpayers are having to pony up the $100 million in state bonds to “buy” only part of a forest we already own? Why would we want to sell off the goose just because it started laying copper eggs?

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