How to help Puerto Ricans get water and electricity

I’m no former marine electrician, but it’s harder than you’d think. I asked a union friend and he sent me some links. The first one had a default of $9.99 a month and no way to change it. I’m guessing it’s a bit hard for them to update their website without electricity.

This one worked: In case your Spanish is as bad as mine, HAZ TU DONATIVO means exactly what you think it does. Paypal or credit card. If anyone has a better suggestion, please post it.

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  1. Dog says:

    Make in my nefarious past I have some working knowledge of being a marine electrician – its’s bitch – see this list of requirements

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  2. uomatters says:

    Thanks Dog, it was an honorable profession. But don’t get me started about macerator pumps..

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