Lucia, deLuxe, Benson, Heathman – PDX hotels I won’t be staying at again

Thanks to The Oregonian for the lodging advice:

It’s unclear where Sondland would serve his diplomatic post, if nominated by Trump and confirmed by the U.S. Senate. Fifty of the 188 U.S. ambassadorships are vacant, according to the American Foreign Service Association. There are some plum openings, however, including vacant posts around Europe, Africa and South America and in Australia.

Sondland, the founder and chief executive of Provenance Hotels, could not be reached for comment. His company owns and manages the Westin Portland, Hotel Lucia, Hotel deLuxe, The Benson, Sentinel and The Heathman Hotel, along with several Portland restaurants. Sondland also co-founded the merchant capital bank Aspen Capital.

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