4 Responses to Senate Pres Chris Sinclair must choose between 90F heat & flying rodents

  1. prof from another school says:

    bats are not rodents.

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    • uomatters says:

      Sorry. I did not mean to disparage bats. For the record, I do not believe the rumors that the bats in Deady have infected faculty and grad students with rabies.

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  2. dog says:

    no you meant to disparage mathematicians

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    • prof from another school says:

      Bats are pretty interesting, very unusual mammals, and have played big roles in , for example, understanding evolution of life histories and mating systems. Several close friends research these questions with bats.
      .sorry I raised the issue of their misidentification; the real issue is deferred maintenance of UO buildings; having had an office in such buildings [ eg, old heating systems , yup, steam] I have great empathy. Even brought space heaters from home in a few cases.My western U has about $500,000,000 in deferred maintenance[ last time I looked], and a running battle with the fire marshall!

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