UO Faculty Club: Prof Harper to lead special Barberini tapestry tour Wed.

UO Prof James Harper (Art History) is something of an expert on these. Maybe the world’s leading expert. He curated the exhibit, and I hear the Schnitzer Museum has displayed them spectacularly. He will lead a special tour for faculty club members, starting at about 6:15 this Wed the 25th:

Dear Colleagues,

This week at the Faculty Club is going to be a whizz-banger.

Wednesday Oct. 25 we offer a private Curator’s Tour of the art museum’s spectacular exhibition, “The Barberini Tapestries: Woven Monuments of the Roman Baroque.” The exhibition is right upstairs from our club room. The Six-o-Clock Toast will be to the counterreformation popes and their art, and the 30-minute tour will depart shortly thereafter. Professor Luebke, historian of the Protestant Reformation, has been guaranteed equal time for a Lutheran counter-toast, should he choose to exercise that option.

On Thursday Oct. 26 we welcome New Faculty. The Six-o-Clock toast will be dedicated to this group of promising, fresh, brainy colleagues, and this is an excellent chance for all of us to bond with them.

Looking ahead to next week, you should be assembling your best Halloween costume for the post-Halloween party at the Faculty Club on Wednesday November 1. There will be a bottle of champagne awarded for “Best Costume Overall,” and other prizes for “Best Representation of an Academic Discipline” and “Best Pun.”

Finally, remember that we’re also open now on Fridays from four to six—by popular demand. Hope to see you there!

Yours, James Harper
Chair of the Faculty Club Board

On advice of counsel I have no comment about the following week’s Halloween party, or my costume.

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