President Schill denounces hate speech, racism

In “Around the O“:

“I strongly condemn all forms of hate speech and racism,” said Michael H. Schill, UO president and professor of law. “I am troubled by the recent reports of an uptick in both subtle and overt acts of racism on campus and in the surrounding community. I have asked our law enforcement team to work with partners both here on campus and throughout Eugene to do everything they can within the law to provide a safe learning environment for our students that is free from threats and intimidation. The language of white supremacy has no place in our community.”

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7 Responses to President Schill denounces hate speech, racism

  1. Conservative Duck says:

    It’s OK to be white.

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  2. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    “The language of white supremacy has no place in our community”

    Much as I may dislike “the language of white supremacy,” this statement from Schill sounds to my admittedly untrained ear to be uncomfortably close to a conflict with constitutionally protected free speech.

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    • just different says:

      Some people think that. Other people don’t, including Robert C. Post, the Sterling professor of law at Yale Law School:

      First Amendment rights were developed and defined in order to protect the political life of the nation. But life within universities is not a mirror of that life.

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      • Um, wut? says:

        This is uncomfortably close to suggesting that Universities are exempt from the United States Constitution.

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        • just different says:

          The downvoters seem to have not read the Vox piece. Another quote:

          Universities, public or private, could not function if they could not make judgments based on content.

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  3. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    Yale is a private university, UO is public, and I believe the first amendment has very different implications.

    I was schooled a bit in the relevant constitutional law
    by the late Dave Frohnmayer.

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