New departmental productivity metrics to include Faculty Club attendance

That’s my takeaway from this message from Chairperson Harper. Also some stuff about a talk from some guy from the Getty, and paintings:

Dear Colleagues,

This week the Faculty Club is open Wednesday and Thursday during the usual hours (5:00 to 8:00).  On Wednesday you might consider stopping in before or after the 5:30 lecture right next door in the JSMA’s Ford Lecture Hall, presented by the Getty Museum’s Chief Curator of Antiquities Kenneth Lapatin.

More on the lecture here:

There has been much talk about presidential portraits in the Faculty Club, especially after a coy and rumor-packed “UO Matters” article about Michael Schill’s new portrait.  Yesterday, though, Daily Emerald reporter Becca Robbins published an article that gives us the “straight scoop.” [UOM: URL redacted because I’m no art critic]

So while you won’t be seeing Michael Schill’s portrait in the Faculty Club space, you still can visit with presidents like Prince Lucien Campbell (considerably more handsome than the building that bears his name) and disco-era president William Beaty Boyd, who looks ready for a turn on the dance floor.  Come join them (and us) for a coffee, soft drink, wine, beer or cocktail this week!

Yours, James Harper

Associate Professor, Department of the History of Art & Architecture


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