7 Responses to Angry Dana Altman lectures Pit Crew over poor NIT attendance

  1. Dog says:

    its an extra Game in the Knight Palace of Roundball,
    certainly that will reduce out payback time from
    infinite to only semi-infinite

  2. MmmmK says:

    No idea what I’m looking at. Who is Dana Altman? What is a Pit Crew? And what is NIT?

    Anyway, have they been kneeling during the anthem? That produced similar turnouts for the NFL…

    • uomatters says:

      Sorry. The truth is I stopped writing posts for this blog several years ago. They’re now generated by a python script that takes words from Klinger’s stories on “Around the O” and combines them with GoDucks.com photos according a machine learning algorithm that maximizes Google Ad clicks. Today I made 35 cents. I assume Dana Altman is a maximally excellent professor of something. I have no idea what a NIT is – maybe an insect vector for some mildly infectious skin rash?

      • Dog says:

        Hey, a most excellent script – keep up the auto convolution!

      • Anas clypeata says:

        Interesting. You produce an independently determined amount and quality of content based on your assessment of costs and what the market will bear, and you make 35 cents per day. What does Cournot say about how much Around the O makes per day for its “content”? I don’t imagine that there is any collusion or an attempt by the two blogs to manipulate the market for basketball-related blog posts, so the equilibrium should be pretty much deterministic.

        • uomatters says:

          Last I looked UO was spending $7M a year on Kyle Henley, Tobin Klinger and their ilk. You can buy a decent fake news algorithm from the russians for a fraction of a bitcoin. The marginal cost of a post is zero. So 35 cents is the Bertrand equilibrium, and Around the O only stays in business because our students have to pay their salaries with tuition money.

  3. Isaiah says:

    ____________________________________ only stays in business because our students have to pay their salaries with tuition money.

    A. Around the O
    B. The University Health Center, Division of Equity and Inclusion, etc.
    C. Any faculty who are not pulling in research $ = their salaries
    D. Even the Dept. of Athletics, if Rob Mullens is to be believed,
    F. Ultimately, everyone who works at the UO from M. Schill on down
    F+. The international higher education industrial complex

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