Should a donor dictate who is President?

Insidehighered has an interesting story on UNLV here:

… Big gifts are sometimes based on the relationships between donors and university leaders. But in this case, the link was formal. UNLV agreed to Jessup remaining president until 2022 (as well as the medical dean staying in office) as conditions of the gift. And the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that Jessup signed that agreement nine days after he received the unfavorable review from his boss. A lawyer retained by the chancellor to examine the agreement, in a memo obtained and published by the Review-Journal, said that it raised serious ethical issues.

The memo said the agreement could be seen as “a pre-emptive strike” in response to Jessup’s unfavorable review, and that signing the agreement gave him a “significant financial benefit.” Whatever the legal issues, the lawyer said, “the optics are appalling.” …

Which reminds me – who has seen the Knight Campus gift agreement?

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  1. Not The Dog says:

    Only mortal combat shall suffice.

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