One Response to Tough talking president’s efforts to influence Chronicle story backfire

  1. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    There is a new story in the Chronicle, the guy is out as pres at Edinboro University.

    These guys with business or military experience but no experience in education or government or nonprofit work often come to grief when they get into unfamiliar waters.

    The guy at Missouri who presided over the awful stuff there was thrown overboard by the Republican legislators, who probably thought he was a great choice before he started to make mistakes.

    These guys probably don’t understand what has happened when they are so easily betrayed by the very people who want them to “run things like a business” or a military operation.

    In general, boards of all stripes are amazingly spineless when it comes to backing university presidents when certain types of stuff hits the fan.

    I am sure that our own Pres Schill is well aware of this. But of course, he came up through UCLA and then Chicago — the latter along with a certain other (ex-) President.

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