2 Responses to UO Dean takes principled stand

  1. Hippo says:

    With majors like Advertising and Public Relations, the UOSJ is part of the problem. Broadcast personalities are simply newsreaders with nice hair, not journalists, and the School should focus less on Twitter Studies, Selling Stuff, and Spinning, and more on training future broadcasters in actual journalism. We reap what we sow.

    • A duck says:

      Hippo, you seem to be from a by-gone era. There is no such thing as actual journalism any longer, because it doesn’t turn a profit.. There is only political spin and news corporations, looking to make money and pen the national narrative. Which is why they, the people looking to make money on the control of information, are so scared by genuine interpersonal communication (social media, the prevalence of photos and videos everywhere). They no longer control the Overton Window and this genuine freedom of the people scares the ever loving shit out of the hand that holds the reigns of power.
      Who is selling you your “news”, Hippo? The people are waking up:

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