Duck’s Eric Roedl & UOPD Chief Carmichael want more drinking time for Duck tailgaters

The RG’s Maggie Vinoni reports here:

… UO Deputy Athletic Director Eric Roedl said that out-of-town fans would benefit from having more time to enjoy pregame festivities.

“Sixty percent of our current football season ticket base comes from beyond Lane, Linn and Benton counties,” Roedl said. “Which means they are driving a significant distance, often three to four hours round trip, to come to Oregon football games. So, it’s truly an all-day commitment to come.”

During a public hearing on Monday evening, City Councilors raised concerns about the additional cost of extending hours to lot operators, and whether the increased time for alcohol consumption would lead to excessive drinking.

But UO Police Chief Matthew Carmichael told city councilors that people may drink less alcohol before games if they are given more time do so.

“It’s been my experience that by extending the time doesn’t increase the amount of alcohol one person consumes,” he said. “There are some arguments that say it would actually reduce that rush-feel to want to drink more in a short period of time.” …

What could go wrong? Oh, right:

College party culture and sexual assault

Jason M Lindo, Peter Siminski, Isaac D Swensen

2018/1,  American Economic Journal: Applied Economics

This paper considers the degree to which events that intensify partying increase sexual
assault. Estimates are based on panel data from campus and local law enforcement
agencies and an identification strategy that exploits plausibly random variation in the timing
of Division 1 football games. The estimates indicate that these events increase daily reports
of rape with 17–24-year-old victims by 28 percent. The effects are driven largely by 17–24-
year-old offenders and by offenders unknown to the victim, but we also find significant effects
on incidents involving offenders of other ages and on incidents involving offenders known to
the victim.(JEL I23, J16, K42, Z13)

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9 Responses to Duck’s Eric Roedl & UOPD Chief Carmichael want more drinking time for Duck tailgaters

  1. Anonymous says:

    You disagree that giving more time will reduce the rush-feel to drink quickly? I know a couple shots over a couple hours hits me very differently than a couple shots over a couple minutes…

    • BillyGoat says:

      This is the same argument that UOPD makes in the RG. They (and you) are probably correct that the added hours won’t be a problem for the great majority of tailgaters. But these responsible drinkers were never the problem. The problem is those (few, selected) kids who, given the chance to drink two hours longer, increase their total alcohol intake. Of those, take those (few, selected) who become disruptive when drinking too much and you will end up with an increase in the total number of violent incidents.

      • Anonymous says:

        BillyGoat, good point. Why did we become a wet campus again?

        • DWD says:

          Because people are going to drink anyway, but if you pretend that you are ‘dry,’ you don’t budget the appropriate amount of security, first aid, and crowd management.

          • justsayuotoducks says:

            Coming from the Midwest, I find the local drinking culture rather wan. Is there even a liquor store within two miles of campus? I can’t recall seeing even a single drunk freshperson passed out in the bushes on a Monday morning.

            As far as I can tell, the favored self-destructive behavior of undergrads is riding their bikes around campus while intently staring at their phones, trusting in the Universe not to move a steel light post into their path. Might be safer if they’d just lounge at the EMU with their Mojitos.

          • smdh... says:

            DWD, isn’t that how San Francisco got covered in “free” heroin needles? People were going to do it anyway, right?

  2. uomatters says:

    I’d be a fool to argue with someone who drinks a shot a minute, but the RG does say: “The University of Oregon wants to add two hours to the time before games where it’s legal to consume alcohol in parking lots around Autzen Stadium. Football fans now can drink legally in the lots for four hours before kickoff.”

  3. anonymous says:

    This is something you might ask UO about. I overheard some police discussing cameras placed in cars recently. I suspect they may have been discussing the cameras recently in media news about crime near UO. I suspect they may just be parking random cars near UO lately and log in to the cameras from wherever . The public should know more about this.

  4. justsayuotoducks says:

    UO is missing an excellent work-study opportunity here. I did light demo and construction to fund my undergrad degree. Why deprive today’s students of this opportunity?

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