Where should Collier House go?

Personally I don’t care where it goes, although it wouldn’t look out of place on Nantucket. Just get the damn thing out of the middle of campus. The proposal is to use the site for a classroom/faculty offices building, which sounds perfect.

The Campus Planning Committee is meeting tomorrow at 10 in the JH conference room to talk over options. If you’ve ever wondered how it ended up as part of the UO campus in the first place, the Collier House history is here.

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10 Responses to Where should Collier House go?

  1. Fawn Liebowitz says:

    I hear the Phi Kappa Psi boys need a new house.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It is the third oldest building on campus, one of few with a direct connection with the first generation of students and faculty at Oregon. People in a rush to destroy history end up with the monstrosity we have planned for what was Hayward Field. Perhaps we could build a real parking garage like every other university on earth and use some of our many surface lots for new buildings.

    • trumplackey says:

      Seconded. The first thing that slaps you in the face coming to UO is the bizarre lack and disarray of the parking situation.

      (And if we’re looking for a building to raze, how about PLC? The USSR called, and they want their apartment block back…)

  3. UO Pedistrian - Can't Dodge Fast Enough says:

    Protected bike bikeway on 13th?!?! How about protected pedestrian ways anywhere and everywhere? How many times have I’ve been very nearly ran into or swiped by a bicycle the past 25 years? On the sidewalk? In a pedestrian cross walk? All ON campus? Many more times than I can count.

    Skateboarders are a far smaller problem than bikes.

    Mind you, if we actually had an enforceable policy/rule against people mounted on bikes on anything but a road, UOPD officers would not be around to enforce as they can only be found in their riot outrigged SUVS on the street outside of the pedestrian campus.

  4. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    Great, pave over some more of the remaining green space at UO, thereby diminishing one of UO’s few advantages; put in another mediocre “quality” building to house more faculty for nonexistent future student body increase. Oh, and raise tuition some more to help pay for it all. No thanks, as much as I don’t really care about Collier House, I like it right where it is.

  5. trumplackey says:

    Can’t agree more. This is the worst personal safety issue on campus. Not a day goes by that some clueless two-wheeled moron doesn’t buzz me at 20 mph while I’m walking down a four foot wide sidewalk. I’m seriously considering carrying a shillelagh to administer a little instant vigilante lesson.

    No point in blaming the police. They’re constrained by the delicate sensibilities of the powers-that-be. Nothing will change until the offspring of someone that matters is killed or permanently injured. Same as it ever was.

  6. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    Amen on the bike and skateboard safety issue on campus. UO tries so hard to be trendy by being “bike-friendly.” How about trying to be pedestrian friendly — or even just having a modicum of safety? There’s a constant element of edginess or even menace because of these things. Sooner or later, there’s going to be a serious accident, with a lawsuit, and a lot of bad publicity. I’m OK with bikes, for sure, but how about some rules? Some campuses require bicyclists to walk once they’re on campus. Maybe a 5 mph speed limit? Mildly enforced by our expensive police force?

    • trumplackey says:

      Bicyclists are simply incapable of following traffic rules or using good judgement. It’s nothing personal–I was one once and couldn’t do it either.

      In order to make a difference, the lines have to be very bright. Ideally, put all racks on the edges of the campus and forbid bicycles entirely within, even if walked. Pretty much like smoking (which is far less dangerous).

  7. UO Pedistrian - Can't Dodge Fast Enough says:

    Anti-skateboard nubs are installed on curbs, short walls, etc, on campus to keep the skateboards off.

    How about installing anti-bike nubs/spikes? They can be placed so that wheelchairs can easily avoid them and walked bikes can easily avoid them….

    As far as smoking on campus, they removed all the trash cans around the perimeter of campus for the express reason of “discouraging smoking”. Or, “encouraging butt litter”. Which ever.

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