DeVos issues Title IX rules

Update: The WaPo has more here.

From InsideHigherEd:

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos released a proposed rule Friday that would revamp expectations for colleges’ handling of campus-based sexual misconduct.

The regulation — the first the federal government has issued on the matter — was crafted to clarify requirements for colleges and to add due process protections for accused students.

But women’s groups and advocates for survivors of sexual assault warn that it will undermine the rights of victims. And they say it will let colleges off the hook for not taking the issue of sexual misconduct seriously.

Read more about the new rules here.

I haven’t looked, comments and links welcome.

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2 Responses to DeVos issues Title IX rules

  1. Conservative Duck says:

    “add due process protections for accused students”
    Good. #BelieveEvidence

  2. hardnosedduck says:

    Seems like a reasonable step back to an equitable way to handle two horrible problems (rape and false accusation of rape).

    This bit is a bit goofy, though:

    Schools would be allowed to choose the standard they will use between “preponderance of the evidence” or the higher bar of “clear and convincing evidence.”

    Universities aren’t good at exercising this kind of judgement, and they shouldn’t be asked to do so.

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