Faculty Club halloween costume report

Faculty Club Chairman Jamie Harper (Art History) normally presents these awards. This year he skipped out and asked me to do it. Thanks Jamie.

One member was wearing a blazer, and claimed he was dressed as Jamie. I noted that there were no leather elbow patches. Fail.

Another professor showed a cell phone picture of themself and 2 identical triplets all dressed alike. Sorry, but all must be present to win.

So I gave the award to our 2 bartenders, who had made an effort. Since we have no budget for awards I slipped them the maximum tip on a colleague’s credit card while he was in the bathroom.

Immediately afterwards 2 people showed up with costumes that made me tremble in fear. But they’d missed Jamie’s 6PM submission deadline. Desk reject.

The Faculty Club provides a welcoming environment for all UO faculty and guests, Wed and Th from 5-8PM. Enter through the Art Museum’s front door.

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