New faculty tracking software will implement Provost’s metrics scheme

A letter from Provost Banavar, here:

The project, called Faculty Insights, will result in a sophisticated online system that enhances our ability to capture the wide range of research and creative activities that our faculty do. The primary purpose of the system will be to manage the faculty review process university-wide – including promotion, tenure, and post-tenure review – more efficiently and effectively. Introducing a Faculty Insights system at UO will enhance our ability to streamline faculty personnel processes and make the achievements and instructional activities of faculty in all the schools and colleges more visible, within the campus community and to the broader public. The system will also support the local metrics process and the production of annual unit-level research reports.


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5 Responses to New faculty tracking software will implement Provost’s metrics scheme

  1. Jack Newman says:

    This is a parody, right? Next announcement is that there is already a Concur module for this?

  2. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    UO is so much more distinguished after just a few years of these guys, right?

    At least by the metric of faculty salaries, right?

    Well, at least SAT scores are up?

    Well, at least financially sound. Right?

    • ODA says:

      Reminds me of an old Dilbert:
      “…Daily status reports until the situation improves.”

      Guess it Johnson Hall will will need at least a dozen more employees for this; hopefully it will be housed in IR at least… I still trust their numbers.

  3. Peter Keyes says:

    This has apparently already been implemented in other universities, to wide acclaim:

    “Because we do not trust you
    To do your job—
    Or even to get out of bed
    In the morning
    And make yourself a bowl
    Of Cheerios™ —
    We have instituted a new and
    Totally not time-wasting
    Review process
    For tenure-track faculty members.”

  4. anon and on and on says:

    I go away for a research holiday and come back to more of this, but it is not surprising.

    Perhaps the faculty could self-administer a reciprocal review process for the claimed benefits of this tracking software and ‘metrics’ in general, if it’s even possible to quantify levels of upselling. Then again, most of us are busy trying to keep our students and our research from being beggared by this sort of high-modernist administratia. Maybe if we wrote a grant, F&A irony notwithstanding?

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