7 Responses to Gov Brown proposes to double state funding for Oregon Opportunity Grants for low-SES residents

  1. Deplorable Duck says:

    It has my vote. But I’d really like to see this for *all* residents. Yeah, it’d be a minor windfall for the state’s rich kids, which is a minus. But in return, it would very visibly demonstrate that we regard education as a fundamental gift that we as a society want to give to each and every kid, and that we’re putting the money down to make sure that no one is missed.

  2. Oldtimer says:

    To deplorable duck, yours may be a good argument for logrolling the legislation, but if the objective is to give every individual an equal probability of enrolling and completing college, then evidence from good studies shows that awards need to be needs based to do that.

    • Deplorable Duck says:

      The point of giving it to everyone would be to inculcate the idea that education is something that everyone should have access to, in the same way that we all have access to emergency rooms.

      If you imagine that the funds for making this universal are pulled from the pot of needs-based grants, then yes, this looks bad.

      I’m more imagining it being funded by a slight increase in the income tax rate, so needs-based funding need not be affected.

      Regarding the “every individual equal probability of enrolling and completing college”, that’s not a goal I’d shoot for. Individuals are unique. Some are more suited for college than others. And completing is mostly on the individual. I’d just leave it at I’d like for absolutely everyone who wants to go to college to be able to start, and for those who are doing passably well to be able to graduate, and ideally all of that with none ending up with a crippling debt hangover.

      (We should also be pointing out the advantages of *not* getting a Bachelor’s degree in today’s environment. LCC teaches welding, and a lot of people might be better off following that fast and debt-free route.)

      • Oldtimer says:

        Having grown up in a family with welders and having been able at one time to lay down a bubble free weld, Your point about welding for some is good.

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